Construction and real estate development company STAVUNION was founded by Mr. Ján Jankura in 1999. Its predecessor J-Interier (founded in 1992) focused on furnishing of interiors of outlets and hotels. Later on, the business expanded its scope to smaller joinery and construction works.

Since its inception, STAVUNION has run dozens of succesful real estate projects in the form of reconstruction of apartment houses and construction of new multifunctional buildings primarily in the High Tatras region. J-interier has still been the main supplier of carpentry and construction work.

In 2005, STAVUNION extended its business to property management services along with the company PAYER which also belongs to the portfolio of companies of Mr. Jankura.

In 2006 Mr. Jankura founded the real estate company STAVUNION-REALITY. The core business is sale and lease of real estate. The company also brings expertise in real estate investments, engineering activities and real estate investments valuation.

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